Thursday, 29 November 2012

Sunset Soundrise by Frédéric Nogray released today

I thought tropical forests were always full of sounds from animals, however in this location - and some others - I discovered that it was possible to experiment with deep quietness. In these near silent places, each sound - every piece of information - comes to us in more and more detail as minutes and hours pass.

The second release on Very Quiet Records is published today. Frédéric Nogray's Sunset Soundrise belongs to a series of dreamlike sonic compositions from field recordings, mostly from nature, recorded in Honduras during two visits there in 2012. This CD is the second one to be released, after Buiti Binafin (déambulation à la lisière du monde) on 3Leaves in September 2012.

Frédéric is a  is interested in the intrinsic qualities of sound; of sounds as what they are: vibratory phenomena. He is also interested in the broadcasting of sound, our perceptions of it, and the various states of consciousness induced by listening.