Thursday, 28 March 2013

Tree/Utena by SALA released today

The town is always immersed in a sea of urban sounds. Low drone of traffic, car alarms, supermarket monsters with numberless air conditioners, machines at construction works, mobile phone melodies and children playing with fireworks. A pandemonium of pandemic noises that are present there and here and still rarely draw our deadened attention…and even more rarely we hear the quiet trees in this environment…and what the trees hear listening to the town?

Utena, Lithuania. December, noon, minus 18 Celsius. A park. Lonely tree  creaking and cracking in a cold and light wind. We are here, listening to  these intimate moments that  are silently echoing in sparse snowflakes…the tree is alive, it hears the quiet distant hum, the narrative of the town. The story of us…

SALA (The Isle) is a Lithuanian experimental music/art project active for 20 years, with numerous releases, ritualistic performances and installations. Lately the project has been drifting into the waters of electroacoustic music and field recordings finding perfect place and time where active hearing and deep listening meet vision and voice.