Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Forest Solitude by John Grzinich - second release on VQR Static

"Forest solitude, early evening in July" by John Grzinich is the second release on VQR Static. John writes: 

Following the peak of springtime activity, the sounds in the forests of Estonia quiet down to more subtle events. In the case of this recording, we hear elements of the forest from the weather conditions at the time, the soft breeze of an approaching storm and the insects that populate the forest floor. I did not sit and listen while recording, but decided to walk away and leave the microphones alone. This is an interesting technique for me, not only to let nature take its course with less human imposition on the situation, but also to be able listen back to the recording as a separate experience, almost as someone else removed from the original context. Although I know this forest well (its very near to where I live), the conditions under which the recording were made cannot be repeated, particularly because of the unique external factor. A bridge crossing the nearby river was closed all summer for repairs, meaning that we could enjoy several months of quietude virtually free of traffic sounds. Without these factors, I would not have thought to or even be able to make such a durational document at this time of year and time of day. I hope you can enjoy listening to this as much as I do.

Listen to the album here: