Sunday, 6 April 2014

Frogs by Joe Stevens on VQR Static

Captured one lovely spring morning, with the sun shining. I settled down close to the water's edge and positioned the microphone just above the frogs mating in the water below. Every year seems to be different and the year of this recording there were many more frogs than previously. The pond seemed to be teaming with them. 

This track is a very close recording of frogs spawning ? Recorded in a small town close to the sea in West Dorset, England. It utilises a Rode NT4, housed in a blimp, plugged into my Sony D50. This is a is a durational recording with no additional edits or filtering taking place in post-production. 

This is a previously unreleased recording captured three years ago during my sounds of Dorset project; a series of field recordings from locations near to my home, released as monthly soundscapes that aimed to reflect on the changing landscape:

Joe Stevens is interested in the cross-fertilization of art with other disciplines and increasingly interested in performative, invitational, and collaborative models for producing. Using contemporary technology as a tool for working with other media in a way that echoes the ephemeral nature of oral cultures.

His practice over the last few years has increasingly seen him engage with archives. Leading him to investigate ways to identify holes in local archives and working to fill gaps in these collections. Currently he is leading an intergenerational oral history project investigating how our leisure time has changed since 1945.