Saturday, 24 May 2014

Wings of Madrona by Banks Bailey

Published today on Very Quiet Records Static - Wings of Madrona by Banks Bailey:

The recording was made by a small pool near the top of a mountain. One of many mountains which comprise the Basin and Range Province of North America. Due to crustal extension, these mountain ranges form parallel to each other divided by the desert basins. Some species are endemic to a specific range due to geographical isolation . Recorded at dusk in late September 2013 when most of the bird life had gone elsewhere. The monsoon rains had passed several weeks ago and the nights were getting cooler rather quickly. It's a place I came upon many years ago where I instantly felt connected to it, almost like finding home again after traveling for so long. I hope you enjoy the recording as much as I liked being there. 

Banks Bailey, Tucson, AZ