Saturday, 7 June 2014

(Autumn) Middle Of The Night In The Littoral Rainforests Of The Royal National Park by Jeremy Hegge

Jeremy Hegge describes his recording for Very Quiet Records:

"While most people think of the rainforest as dense tropical forests, lush in vegetation with extremely high levels of biodiversity, these spindly temperate littoral rainforests are quite harsh environments to live in. Battered by the winds, high levels of sodium and having to grow on a steep slanting hill means only a comparatively small variety of plants and animals can live here permanently.

Thousands of tinkling insects sing throughout the night, as the wave’s crash against the cliffs. Occasionally small mammals wonder through the foliage, including a Mountain Brushtail Possum during mating season, who makes an odd chattering call.

Recorded along the south-eastern coast of the Royal National Park, starting just after 1am on the 2nd of April, 2014. This recording is unedited aside from fading in and out."

Jeremy Hegge (1992, Sydney, Australia) is a filmmaker, field recordist and musician from Sydney, Australia. He is interested in long duration recordings and meditative listening.